How to add Product Units?

How to add Product Units?

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Different Products have different units. Smart POS allows you to add different units for products.

How to add units?

  • Go to Products > Units
  • Give the unit name, a short name, and choose if want the unit to allow decimals.

Name: Meter
Shortname: Mtr.
Allow Decimal: Yes.

Allowing decimal allows you to purchase/sell the product in decimal and vice-versa.

How to add multiple units?

This can be useful if you purchase products in a different unit and sell it in a different unit.

For example: Purchase in dozens and sell in pieces.
Or purchase in boxes and sell in pieces.


  • Add the lower unit from Add Unit Screen. For example pieces.
  • Add the higher unit:
    • Check “Add as multiple of another unit”
    • Check “Add as multiple of another unit”
    • Provide the conversion Details.
  • Use the unit in Add/Edit Product. While adding/editing purchase/ sale you can see the dropdown for units. Select the desired unit and it will change the unit purchase/sales price accordingly.

NOTE: You will not see the main Units (Dozen in this example) in the Add-Product Unit dropdown, select piece as the unit of product. All purchases/sales get saved in the lower unit (pieces in the above example). So after adding purchases/sales if you edit the conversion details, it will affect the purchases/sales quantity accordingly.

How to select relevant Sub Units for a product?

Enable it from Business settings ->Products -> Enable relevant sub-units

Now when adding products select the Unit for the products and it will give the option to select multiple applicable sub-units. Selecting the sub-units will allow you to do purchases or sales on these selected sub-units.

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