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Customer Groups

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What is Customer Groups?

Customer groups allow you to classify your customers as Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, friends, Colleagues or whatever.

How to add Customer Groups?

  • To add a “Customer Group” go to Contacts -> Customer Groups & Click on the “Add” button.
  • It will show a popup asking for customer group name & Calculation Percentage.
    A calculation percentage is used to calculate the selling price.


– Suppose if the Selling Price set for a product Product1 is $200
– Customer Group Name = Friend
Calculation Percentage = -20
Note: -20 (notice a minus sign) or you may set it 20 = +20%

– And you have created a customer with Adam with Customer Group assigned as Friend.

– Now go to pos or Sell screen. Select the customer Adam and add the product1.

– You will notice that the selling price set for the product1 will be 200-20% = $160

This is how customer Group works.

Customer Group does an internal calculation and applied the calculation percentage to the selling price. It will not show a separate discount on the invoice or the pos screen.

This feature is highly useful when you have retail, wholesale or different customer categories.

You can view report for different customer group from “Customer Groups Report” or in other terms if you have retail and wholesale customer group you can see which type of customer group is giving more sale.

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